Free Dogecoin

If you came here from Reddit for the free dogecoin, please do not forget to up vote! We want to help make many rich shibes. But, those who make multiple accounts will not be credited nor entered into the prize drawing. Greedy dogs do not drink from the faucet twice in the same day!

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We rich shibes at doge2goods would like to share the wealth with the poor shibes. All you have to do is enter your email address, first name and surname and wallet address; from there we will send a random number of doge to your account ranging from 1-10 DOGE. But wait! It gets better! Please ensure your email address is genuine as we will be giving away a free T-shirt to one lucky Doge every. single. month!

Post by Doge2Goods.

69 comments on “Free Dogecoin
  1. dustin gould says:

    to the moon!

  2. warren says:

    Yay! Free doge! I’m the mod over at /r/newtodoge so this will be going straight to them!

  3. cory says:

    need such help much poor very fright such cold many shivers wow. [wowing intensifies]…..

  4. samma89 says:

    wow! awesome!

  5. Elcee says:

    Many free. Woof.

  6. LolaRockabella says:

    Thanks guys!

  7. tinstar says:

    Doge thinks much spelling grammar punctuation faulty in above wordage but doge will forgive for free coin :)

  8. tehdelta says:

    Doge is Awesome

  9. Shibester says:

    waw. much thanks. very gratitude.

  10. Chad C says:

    Hand em over bitch! I mean female dog.


  11. Avaail says:

    Such suspicious….But free doge, so who cares? Signed up :D

  12. Chris Davis says:

    Great site, love the products and the generosity with Dogecoin. Only one problem… I signed up in the fields up top and got the email, but the link that’s supposed to be in the email to complete registration or update my info isn’t in the email.

    Can you resend manually (I’m assuming the email is sent by a bot) or post it here? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      thanks for expressing your concern we have been having alot of problems recently with our email server, we are due a merge in a month to a vps so all issues should be eradicated by then.
      also you details have been received and are logged in the database :D

  13. peter seinfield says:

    great site, much generous!

  14. Jonathan says:

    How much doge would a rich shibe tip if a rich shibe would tip doge?

  15. Jeff C says:

    This is the future. This is the moon. This. Is. Doge.

  16. KngeYexo says:

    No no, Doge very stable! Much invest!

  17. Matt B says:

    Ridin by Dogeillionaire
    They see me minin
    They hatin
    Patrolling they tryin to catch me minin dirty
    Tryin to catch me minin dirty
    Tryin to catch me minin dirty
    Tryin to catch me minin dirty
    Tryin to catch me minin dirty
    My comp fan so loud
    I’m crunching
    They hopin that they gon catch me minin dirty

  18. Stephen Fleming says:

    Looking forward to my first Dogecoin.

  19. I am grateful for my very first Dogecoin.

  20. Pablo says:

    So moon. Much Doge. Many transactions! WOW!

  21. Andrew says:

    Doge to the moon! Thanks!

  22. Marcel Blume says:

    free doge is one of the things that keeps us new shibes coming back! keep up the good work!

  23. Marcel Blume says:


  24. sam geimer says:

    much generosity

  25. Art says:

    I finally got a email with a link in it. Thanks. Site looks great and I will be looking at buying some of the items offered. :)

  26. Saad says:

    Lets us brink from the faucet, and be marry, yay!!

  27. BC says:

    WOW! New poor broke shibe need doge! Donate and receive good karma in return!

  28. GAHAM says:


  29. Alice says:

    rich shibe. much awe. many bows.

  30. Laluz says:



    thank you.

  31. dinky1s says:

    come on doge tshirt! and free doge! wow!

  32. Trevor says:

    To the moon! Please tip a poor shibe some Doge! Spread the word!

  33. Hawsiedoggie says:

    Puppy shibe lose $200USD bad China man
    Now poor shibe.
    Much Sad.


  34. Adam says:

    Please Donate Generously to keep my Faucet Running: DLDZNbgZKHdDuMqy5SmHhkryMPiRBDpR68

  35. Cohiba says:

    Thanks for Doge!


  36. Anoop says:


  37. revent93845 says:

    plz donate D5oY9PgpT1TR32sBshT5AsMgdcs4waSjfK

  38. CREdwx27 says:

    292180 81924I simply must tell you that you have written an excellent and unique article that I really enjoyed reading. I

  39. 844667 145The the next occasion Someone said a weblog, Hopefully so it doesnt disappoint me approximately this. What i

  40. 208200 52044Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in reality was a amusement account it. Look complicated to far delivered agreeable from you! Nevertheless, how can we keep in touch? 523368

  41. karlzhou says:


  42. pablly says:

    To the Moon!!!! Thanx!


    • George says:

      Hey Pabily thanks for signing up with us have to got your free dogecoin yet? and don’t forget to come and earn some more free dogecoins.

  43. Phill says:

    Signed up today and received my email, however I seem to having the same problem some people above were having and the email contained to no verification link.

    • George says:

      What was the problem pihl. did you complete one of the offers or just signed up with?????

      • Phill says:

        I just signed up on this page, as for the offers the first one says it is not available in my area and the second is for a game client that my ancient computer is too slow to handle.

  44. Dementyia says:

    Ermagherd, Dogecoins! I just joined up and got my wallet.
    Such funds
    Very Meme
    Much Social
    Very Cash

    Leik, I can haz donates plox?

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